Marketing is a lot like fishing.

Oceans, lakes and rivers have a variety of fish and other marine life, and the best techniques to catch each of them differs. Maybe you are a trophy fisherman, trawling the deep in your boat for marlin or sail fish. Perhaps you are the beach fisherman, with a long rod and plenty of berley, or a throw net to catch bait fish. You could be targeting crayfish, so you don SCUBA gear and carry a snare. With a whole range of services at our disposal, Moshi Moshi Marketing ensures you use the right fishing techniques to catch the kind of customer you are looking for.

Marketing Strategy

  • Not sure how to market your business?
  • Maybe you need to use a website or social media, or is your budget better spent on radio or newspaper, or is a more cost effective choice sponsoring a local charity or event?

Moshi Moshi are experts at identifying who your best customers are and the best ways to reach them. Every business is different and we will custom plan a marketing strategy designed to help your business in facing its own set of unique challenges in your target area.  Helping start-ups through to long-established businesses, there are no cookie-cutter strategies here. One size does not fit all.


  • How does your business look to the public?
  • Does your customer understand your look and message?
  • Are you attracting the sort of customer you want?

It’s adjective time! In five words or less, describe your business. This starts the branding process. Much more than logo design, branding is the first place to start when looking at your marketing. Changing your brand means starting everything again so don’t look at anything else until this has been finalised. We love designing brands that resonate with your customers and creating something they enjoy possessing. If a customer walks into your store asking for a promotional t-shirt, it’s mission accomplished. Get one of their kids wearing one, and its thumbs up all round.

Websites and SEO

  • What kind of website does your business need?
  • How important is your website to your business?

In a nutshell, your website is your business online. It’s your little bit of real estate on the internet.  Like your fronage, generally more customers will see it than any other part of your business. Think your front foyer is important? Chances are a thousand times more people will see your website.

Moshi Moshi Marketing are experts in making websites that work, especially on mobile. With options to suit most budgets, we can build simple one-page websites and fully comprehensive custom-designed e-commerce platforms.  Really the sky is the limit. As experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we will get your business an online presence that generates income and is something you can be proud of. We also provide extremely secure hosting services to our clients to make sure your online investment stays safe and working hard every day of the year.

Adwords Advertising and Social Media Advertising

  • Without the Yellow Pages, how do people find businesses they need?
  • What ways are there online to advertise to customers?

Nearly every user on the internet uses Google to search for things, so one way to make sure your business is found is to advertise there – and this is called Google Adwords Search advertising. Try it now; search ‘Bunbury Hotel’ and you will see the top four entries are adverts. The natural (or organic) results come after. If you have a lot of internet competition, then Adwords Search advertising is an effective way of making sure you are in front of your competition when customers are searching for you.

There are also a number of other ways to get your brand in front of people. Through their Adwords Display network, Google controls most of the banner adverts you see on websites, as well as the video previews that show when people choose to view a clip online. There are also lots of targeting options. You can target particular websites to catch your customers reading topics related to your services, or you can target any website viewed in a location to spread your branding as far and wide as possible.

For more information on Google Adwords advertising, check our blog ‘How Google Adwords Works‘.

Another option which works effectively is social media advertising. A lot of people check their Facebook or Instagram many times a day and to be there every day is a very strong way to make a connection with your customers.

Graphic Design

  • While working with a customer, how many of your business materials do they see?
  • Do all your materials show the sort of attention to detail your customers expect?

A little bit of good design goes a long way. The professional edge a graphic designer gives a business card may be the difference between it being pinned on the to-do board or thrown in the rubbish. Good design not only pleases the eye.  It helps people read information more clearly, thereby retaining the message more effectively than if they saw the same details printed in black and white on photocopy paper.  Whether you are looking at business cards, flyers, newspaper adverts, corporate documents and even animated videos, give Moshi Moshi a call to discuss how we can add that extra ‘wow factor’ to your business’s look.

Custom Programmed Systems

  • How many different systems do you have running at once in your business?
  • How many man hours would you save if they all spoke to each other automatically?

Picture this – your customer goes to your website, likes what they see and books a service – paying online in advance.  This booking is passed on to a work management system, and allocated to one of your service staff’s timetables for the day.  An account is created in your accounting software, recording the sale.  Each day, your serviceman checks his smart phone which shows all of his scheduled appointments and confirms the times, which sends out SMS alerts to all the customers listed, advising them of his approximate arrival time.  He then starts his day, his position monitored by head office through the GPS in his phone.  Jobs go as planned, with the serviceman taking ‘before and after’ photos of his work – auto-uploaded – and signs off his jobs with a report for each emailed to the customer.  At the end of the day when he signs off, your serviceman’s hours are transferred back to the accounting software to prepare his next pay.  This is done without any administrative staff being needed at all. We have a saying in marketing, “The first to the future wins” – and this is the future for most businesses.  How can your systems be streamlined online?  Moshi Moshi can help you pave the way to a brighter future.

Video for Website Use, Digital and TV Advertising

  • Thinking about doing videos for your business but worried about the cost?

Smartphones are the new television and I’ll let you guess which room of the house is the new lounge (think smallest).  With improved internet speeds, video is the the future of communication between businesses and their customers. Moshi can help you create professionally shot and edited short videos to promote your business or educate your market – not as slick as some high-end television commercials, they won’t break the bank either.

Moshi has the capability to do still image, 4K footage driven and animated videos depending on your needs and budget, including effects like voice over if required.  With access to drone, 360 degree, and virtual reality video, we can help you create whatever kind of video you require for your business, whether you need it for advertising or customer education.  If you need something for TV, Moshi can manage the advertising classification and CAD approval as well.

Examples of our video work can be found on our YouTube channel.

Ongoing Marketing Partnerships

  • Do you have the budget to hire a marketing officer?
  • What if you could get a team of marketing specialists for a fraction of the cost?

We are proud of our work, but we are even prouder when it works for your business long-term.  We don’t like planting the seeds then walking away – marketing, like gardening, requires ongoing care and attention, and we’d like to be there with you to watch your garden grow year after year.   Set a monthly budget with KPI’s and let’s work together as strategic partners in your business’s future.  No more on the spot, reactive marketing – time for a carefully planned proactive approach.

And once we partner with you, we won’t help a competitor business in your area. Many marketing companies espouse specialisation in a particular industry, but to us this doesn’t make any sense at all.  We can’t be working to increase your market share while also doing the same for your competition.  Once you employ our services, your competitors are locked out.